How do you configure, control and monitor the devices in your AV systems? What do you do when customers want to make changes to settings? How do you know when something isn't working properly?

Xilica builds the world's best sounding DSP for installation. The Solaro Series is based on a 40 bit dual core floating point processor and 32 bit converters, studio grade mic pres, and the frames are fully modular. You can install mic/line input, line output, GPIO, USB I/O and AES I/O cards in any order.

The FR1 holds 16 I/O cards and has 64 channels of Dante (optional) and operates at 96kHz or 48kHz. The QR1 holds 8 I/O cards and has 4x4 Dante pre-installed and operates at 48kHz. It can even be powered via PoE.


Xilica Designer software is easy to learn and amazingly powerful. Creating a schematic automatically builds a bill of materials, even for 3rd party products (which you can also control via Solaro). Easily export one line diagrams for AutoCAD or for PDF files.


Better sound, less time spent building designs and launching systems, lower costs... What's not to love?

Tauri Tablets are hands-free core body temperature-checking devices and much, much more. Accurate to within 0.5° F from 1-3 feet away, Tauri quickly detects elevated temperature, displays a pass/fail indicator with alarm, and resets in less than 1 second. 

Adding Aurora's ReAX open-platform control engine (a free upgrade), you can dramatically expand the utility of Tauri Tablets and integrate them into your IP-based AV and security systems. Here are some ideas:

  • Elements displayed on the screen can be modified to suit your needs. 

  • Connect to a LAN to store data and video remotely.

  • Use Tauri as a touchless time clock device to check employees in/out while checking temperatures.

  • Facial recognition for security applications (using TTS-7).

  • Connect an Aurora LXC-1 to trigger electronic door locks and turnstiles.

  • Time lapse photography and streaming video stored remotely.

  • Web page with a questionnaire for visitors to fill out; sends QR code to their mobile device which they scan, person being visited is alerted, visitor info sent to badge printer - all touchless.

  • Add a media player to display advertisements and messages - great for recouping cost of Tauri Tablets.

Tauri is the only device on the market that is this accurate and quick. Be wary of competitors that make claims of performance and support! Aurora Multimedia is US-based and owned. There is no equal.

The Go2-8CX Loudspeaker: Affordable Danley Sound and (Still) Made In The USA

Danley Sound Labs' Go2-8CX uses a high quality 8" coax driver with an injection-molded cabinet...but doesn't sound like any "plastic speaker" you have ever heard before. In keeping with Danley's commitment to excellence, the Go2-8CX sounds amazing and actually rivals loudspeakers costing much more. Every component of the Go2-8CX is made in America - another Danley commitment to keep jobs in the USA. 

The Go2-8CX and Go2-8CX-AR weather resistant version are affordable solutions that raise the bar of tight budget systems. 


can come in custom color cabinets to match your decor. can match the speakers' color to the venue. With Danley Sound Labs, you don't have to spend a fortune to get great sound!   See Go2 online