Xilica's QR-1 is one of the digital signal processors in the new fully modular Solaro Series. Housed in a ¼ RU chassis, the QR-1 has 8 rear card slots that accept any combination of 2 ch. mic/line input, 2 ch. line output, 2 ch. USB in/out, 2 ch. AES in/out, and 4 ch. GPIO.

4x4 Dante connectivity and PoE or 12VDC power are standard. The Solaro Series is based on a 40 bit floating point processor with THAT Corp. studio grade mic preamps and 32 bit AD/DA converters. 

Setup using Xilica Designer software is easy to learn and quite powerful. You can configure the DSP and create a one line diagram for your entire AV system, plus it automatically creates an exportable bill of materials for all products in the schematic. Think of how much time that will save you!

Setting up network switches for audio, video, lighting, and

intercoms usually requires a great deal of IT knowledge

and experience, lots of coding and testing. Plus, you need

separate switches for each type of signal. Who needs that

kind of aggravation? 

Luminex network switches are pre-configured for all audio,

lighting, video, and intercom systems. You can manage

all traffic on a single switch and setup is as easy as a few

mouse clicks - no IT knowledge required. In fact, setup

is so easy that the person terminating cables at the rack 

can learn to do it in just a few minutes. How much time

and money will that save your company?


Contact us for more info or visit Luminex online at

www.luminexamerica.com. You'll be glad you did!

The Best Sounding, Most Efficient 4- and 8-Channel Power Amplifiers

With Onboard DSP From The Engineers Behind BSS

The new C Series (install) and M Series (mobile) sonically pure power amplifiers from British manufacturer LInea Research are the best sounding and most efficient power amplifiers on the planet. With a 14 year history of building thousands of OEM products, Linea Research knows a few things about amps and DSP.


Models are available with 4 or 8 inputs and 4 or 8 outputs. DSP comes standard on all models and a standalone DSP is also available. Any channel can drive 2, 4, or 8 ohm loads or 70V lines. Amazing sounding,  highly efficient and very cost effective, Linea Research amplifiers and DSP will improve any audio system.  www.linea-research.com

The New Go2 Loudspeaker, Affordable Danley Sound and Still Made In The USA

Danley Sound Labs' Go2-8CX uses a high quality 8" coax driver with an injection-molded cabinet...but doesn't sound like any "plastic speaker" you have ever heard before. In keeping with Danley's commitment to excellence, the Go2-8CX sounds amazing and actually rivals loudspeakers costing much more. Every component of the Go2-8CX is made in America - another Danley commitment to keep jobs in the USA. 

The Go2-8CX and Go2-8CX-AR weather resistant version are affordable solutions that raise the bar of tight budget systems. 


can come in custom color cabinets to match your decor. can match the speakers' color to the venue. With Danley Sound Labs, you don't have to spend a fortune to get great sound!   See Go2 online