The leader in HDBaseT and IPBaseT content distribution and control. Aurora Multimedia products are designed, built and supported in the USA.

Highly efficient loudspeakers and subwoofers built using patented technology that produce predictable, reliable results every time and they're made in the USA.

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Outstanding quality mid-priced line array systems for install and portable use. Loudspeakers for all size venues and budgets.

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From the brains behind Crown come a new line of IoT-enabled power amplifiers and a new way of doing business that is beneficial to the contractor and customer.

The original BSS engineers in England build the world's most efficient, reliable power amplifiers and DSP with sound characteristics that are just stunning.

Belgian manufacturer of pre-configured network switches that handle all audio, lighting, and video traffic simultaneously. Full line of DMX Ethernet gateways.

Remotely managed power control products that extend AV equipment life, reduce electrical costs, and provide convenience for the customer.


Highly innovative, reliable wireless microphone and IEM systems that give you much more for your dollars. Great sounding self-powered wireless loudspeakers!

Digital laser projectors built in the same factory as Barco, Christie, DP and NEC. Very competitively priced because there are no distributors. 5 year warranty!

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USA manufacturer of 1/4 to 1/2 RU power amplifiers, many with DSP and optional AES67/Dante inputs. Reliable, great sounding, and very competitively priced.

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The country's oldest manufacturer of LED displays and scoreboards also has exception quality control and customer support like you've never seen before.


The best sounding DSP! Modular, so you buy only the channels you need. Easy to configure, easy to install, and highly reliable. Sound quality matters in ALL projects!