Great sounding, durable miniature head-worn mics and wand "wig" mic with highly innovative features. Variety of thread-on RF adapters for all major wireless brands.

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From the brains behind Crown come a new line of IoT-enabled power amplifiers and a new way of doing business that is beneficial to the contractor and customer.


Highly innovative, reliable wireless microphone and IEM systems that give you much more for your dollars. Great sounding self-powered wireless loudspeakers!

Remotely managed power control products that extend AV equipment life, reduce electrical costs, and provide convenience for the customer.

Digital laser projectors built in the same factory as Barco, Christie, DP and NEC. Very competitively priced because sales are dealer direct. 5 year warranty!

Wide selection of wired microphones that are of exceptional quality and value. Superlux is the "house brand" of an OEM supplier to many other mic brands.